Pejman Ghezelbash

Teach to :Kid,Adolescent, Teen, Adult

Composer and pianist
Teaches piano, Solfeggio, Music theory, Harmony, and Counterpoint

Graduated From Tehran Conservatory

Born in 1979 in Ahvaz and an art-loving family, He learned the basics of music from his father at the age of 10 and then continued his education with Master Seraj and Master Shams. Then in 2000 in Tehran with Masters such as Professor Tangiz Shaulokhashvili, Master Delbar Hakim Ava received basic music lessons. He took courses in piano, solfeggio, harmony, form and analysis, counterpoint, and orchestration with Professor Tangiz and Since 2002, he has performed various pieces in the cultural centers of Ghanoun, Banoo, Ebn-e- Sina and Manzoumeh Khord Complex. He currently teaches piano, solfeggio, music theory and harmony, and counterpoint at the Honiak Music Center.

Enjoying more than 20 years of teaching experience in schools and private tutoring involvement for Iranian Art students
Tutored By:
Ali Seraj, Farid Shams, Professor Tangiz Shaulokhashvili, Delbar Hakim, Dr. Tamara, Dr. Tigran Masrorian